Case studies

Hotels & resorts

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, the brand vision of hotels and resorts is enacted in every touch-point of their guests’ experiences – including the music they hear.

Restaurants & bars

The menu options and service patterns of restaurants and bars change throughout the day, requiring the music played in these environments to complement each segment – and dining experience – uniquely.

Entertainment venues & casinos

Entertainment venues and casinos offer a range of experiences catering to ever-shifting visitor tastes, and require music that contributes to the excitement and immersion of each visitor while reflecting the venue’s own brand vision.

Retail stores & malls

Taking into account the retail store or mall’s brand vision and demographic, music in these environments resonates with customers, enhancing their shopping experience and impacting their purchasing decisions.

Spas, salons & gyms

As environments serving patrons seeking relaxation, restoration, and physical development, music in spas, salons & gyms transforms user experiences, from setting a mood to lowering heart rates.



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