Music for Business

A curated approach to elevate background music.

RX Music skillfully curates and licenses music for business that is anything but background. We work with restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and spas from around the world to create a unique sonic identity. Our service provides access to millions of tracks, dedicated consulting, music scheduling, and 24/7 tech support. Achieving the right music for your business is our jam!



At the heart of our company is a mission to connect with industry professionals and elevate experiences through music. We believe in filtering out the noise and getting in tune with the right music to enliven your atmosphere. Whether they are guests, customers, patrons, patients, or employees, it’s our job to provide music that helps your business stand out in the competitive global marketplace.

We Are Trusted By Businesses From Around The World To Curate Custom Music That Enhances Their Unique Service Experience.

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Custom Music Programming

Our custom music programming begins with an in-depth discussion of the property’s design. We identify distinct music zones as well as musical directions best suited for your atmosphere, clientele, and memorabilia. This step is followed by a bespoke curation proposal to determine a creative consensus for each unique space.

Your continuing service includes day-parted playlists, regular content updates, special event and seasonal curation. We also have a strict certification process to ensure smooth transitions between tracks and the editing of explicit language.

Beyond opening day, your music consultant is always on hand to refresh your program when necessary and work closely with you as your property evolves.

Your Designated Music Consultant

A music consultant helps you optimize the audio and visual experience of your business. We discuss your business’s identity and design, your guests, and your vision. Next, we develop a plan and offer samples before curating playlists for your property’s distinct spaces. Once the program is created, your music consultant will cycle in new, relevant content while picking out older added tunes to make sure your program is always fresh and on point.

Day-part your heart out

Day-parts ensure that the music ebbs and flows with the daily cycles of your business and its unique spaces. Divided by energy level, day-parts transition to mirror your business’s changing clientele and peak times, ensuring that you never have to worry about the energy in the room. We’re here for you – morning, afternoon, night, and everything in between. Your dedicated  music consultant will work with you to determine each day-part’s specific time slot.

Sound and Vision

Our catalog featuring millions of licensed audio and video tracks means that there’s always new avenues and content to discover. A song could be the difference between that second drink at the bar and an early night, while music videos and album artwork enliven the visual dimension of your atmosphere. We are not a streaming service, but rather, we are an on-demand music service with media natively stored on the local system. This means that music plays uninterrupted 100% of the time, regardless of your Internet connection. When Internet connection is active, it is used to download new songs onto the local system in the background, without any interruptions to music being played.


Music for Hotels

Your hotel is a home away from home, a place of comfort and ease. We help you enhance that experience with background music tailored to each space of your business. Whether you’re a chic boutique or a global chain. A resort or a charming inn. Your music conveys not just your image or price point, but your hotel’s heart. Your hotel will have a dedicated music expert to curate bespoke playlists from the lobby and restaurant to the elevator and meeting rooms. In addition, you’ll have access to a library with millions of licensed tracks, custom music scheduling and the comfort of 24/7 assistance. Let us craft the unique sound of your hotel!

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We help hotels around the world discover their sound!
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Music for Restaurants

We know that music plays an essential role in creating the perfect dining experience for your restaurant. That’s why restaurants from all over the world trust us to provide the best background music for their guest experience. With access to music licensing, a designated music consultant, and 24/7 tech support, managing your music for business can be done with ease. We also day-part your music to ensure the audio reflects the transitions of your service from breakfast to after hours. Need a romantic dinner playlist for a fine-dining restaurant? How about a happy hour hits playlist for a chic bar? No matter what the vibe is, our team of industry experts are here to enhance the sonic experience of your restaurant.

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We help restaurants around the world discover their sound!
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Music for Retail

Every music program, just like every retail store, offers its own little treasures. Whether it’s a nu-disco downtempo house mix for your hip boutique, classic dance hits spanning generations or a continuously updated mix of the latest hits – RX Music’s team of industry experts have got you covered. Our music consultants will work with you to create an eclectic background music mix that is custom fitted to your brand. Plus, our music scheduling software enables different music for different times of the day while also informing guests of store promotions. See your retail business thrive with an inviting atmosphere that attracts guests into the store and has them staying longer. When the perfect playlist is on, people will stick around for one more song (and maybe notice an item or two that they wouldn’t have otherwise).

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We help retail spaces around the world discover their sound!
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Music for Spas

Having curated background music to fit the branding of your spa within treatment rooms, pools, public areas and beyond is essential for providing a relaxing atmosphere to your guests and staff. Our music consultants will work with you to develop the perfect spa music program to soothe guests into a state of blissful tranquility while complimenting the atmosphere and type of services provided. Curating from our broad library featuring millions of licensed spa tracks, we will work to provide you with a custom program uniquely yours. Our goal is to create a vibe for your spa both fitting and functional.

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We help gyms & spas around the world discover their sound!
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Music Licensing

We’ve got your music licensing covered with access to millions of tracks to be played around the world. Most importantly, our team curates your music program to comply specifically with the copyright standards of your region. On top of this, we have a team of dedicated music licensing experts who work with record labels to secure content for programming. As a result, our music library is constantly expanding with the latest hits and eclectic deep cuts for your business’s background music.



On-Hold & Promo

Informing your customers about promotions and protocols is made seamless with our multi-layered music scheduling system. It’s designed to effectively deliver your message and music in a unified experience that avoids disruptions. Simply send us the details of your announcement and we’ll take care of the rest!


Music Trends

At our core we are diehard music lovers and pop culture fanatics. It’s why our editorial reflects our love for all things music, from the current scene to the iconic past. We enjoy actively staying on top of the latest music trends and sharing our knowledge in multiple ways through our Editorial site! Check out RXCOMMENDS, where we review weekly new releases that we are enjoying and programming for our clients. Or listen to our Beneath the Rhythm podcast, which captures the shifts of today’s intersectional music scene. Our team consistently takes the extra step to immerse ourselves in music culture and create insights for various listening experiences.