Music for restaurants & bars

Eat. Drink. Be Happy. These are some simple concepts. Bar Louie, a truly unique chain of bars and eateries, pride themselves on this credo. Boasting over 70 locations across the US, specializing in handcrafted cocktails, local and regional beers, unique wines and delicious food; Bar Louie has developed a loyal customer base since the very beginning.

A major factor of their loyal customer base is their commitment to local appeal. Although Bar Louie does aim for the consistency of a national chain, no two restaurants are alike. This is reflected in their drink and food selections and in turn, offers unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to creating a truly unique sound.

This standard Bar Louie music program that each location receives is used mostly as a base, something that is tried, tested and true to the brand. It consists of Rock, Pop, R&B and Alternative that ranges in energy and loudness throughout the day. A little retro and 90’s Rock are also thrown in for good measure. But there are also lists available to each location that are not in the main schedule. Things like a curated Blues, Dance, Jazz, Electro and Top 40 lists are handy on-site for GM’s, Bartenders, and Wait staff etc., to play on-demand as they see fit.

The individuality of each restaurant makes each visit a truly special experience. Ideally someone can travel from Cleveland to Miami Beach, walk into a Bar Louie by recognizing the atmosphere and trusting in the quality of food and have a great, and individually different, experience at each one.