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SCP Hotel.

Creating the perfect sound for SCP Hotel.

The SCP Hotel, which is short for Soul Community Planet, specializes in holistic hospitality.  Their game changing concept was born out of a vision to help make the world a better place by serving those who value personal wellness, social good and the environment.  The SCP Hotel goes out of their way to provide thoughtfully designed, environmentally friendly places to stay, eat, relax, meet, have fun, work and self improve!  It makes perfect sense that they would rely on RX Music to create a fitting vibe that is in alignment with their winning goals.

As the designated music consultant for the SCP Hotel, Adulis Mokanan takes great pride tapping into his expertise to create a signature sound that encompasses the innovative spirit of the hotel.  After a lengthy consultation with the General Manager, Gus Krimm, it was discovered that the objective was to create progressive programming with a variety of genres that would appeal to millennials as well as their grandparents.

“The music is very on brand indeed” – Gus K., General Manager

The magical result was a carefully curated program of stylish Reggae music, old school Hip-Hop and eclectic alternative songs that effectively merged contemporary hits with classic favorites which everyone can enjoy.

With the expertise of RX Music, SCP Hotel will continue to be a change leader who’s committed to an exceptional customer experience and founded on doing good rather than simply driving profits.