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Sake reveals the true heart, and so does the music!

Middle America may not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think of sushi, but the restaurant chain Drunken Fish is succeeding at staying top of mind.  Within a short time, they’ve become one of the Midwest’s favorite swanky places to see and be seen.  With stores across the region, including Kansas City and expansionary plans for Louisville, they’re committed to creating a sophisticated and trendy atmosphere, serving high quality food and signature cocktails, showcasing the largest selection of sake in the nation.  Drunken Fish knows the most pleasurable way to appreciate sake is to first take in the aroma, sip and let it linger before actually drinking; their approach to music has been very similar.

Over the course of nearly four years, RX Music has played a crucial role in developing the branded sound emanating from their private lounges, spanning deep crimson lights and plush furnishings to an impressive bar. Their carefully customized playlist has been day-parted to create a slight building of tempo and anticipation throughout the day to the apex of movement and energy of their busy nights.  Their music includes an eclectic mix of pop, dance, electronica,acid jazz and deep house, which further cements their trendy existence.


With the exceptional experience Drunken Fish offers their customers, it makes sense they would rely on RX Music for all things creative as well as the savviness of our support team, assisting with AV related matters and keeping the music running flawlessly. RX Music Support has also worked diligently in educating its partner on the aspects of their system setup for the ability to easily troubleshoot on the fly.

Drunken Fish continues to be a Mid-west mainstay and an appealing choice for more than just a good meal and overall dining experience. As the old Japanese saying goes, “Sake reveals the true heart,” and at Drunken Fish…so does the music!

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