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Background Music for Business

Background music
for business

A Curated Approach to Elevated Background Music

RX Music is a multifaceted background music service that combines creativity, industry expertise, and technology to enhance the experiential elements of your business. We understand the fundamental role that music plays in creating a meaningful experience for your business. That is why our dedicated Music Consultants create hand-crafted playlists that compliment your service and enhance the sonic identity of all business types. Achieving the right music for your business is our jam!

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Music unique
to your brand

Custom Music Curation Tailored to Your Business Needs

  • Custom Music Programming
  • Music Licensing
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Music Management Tools
  • Music Certification & Censoring
  • On-Hold & Overhead Messaging
music licensing

Music licensing
for business

Fully licensed, business background music service for over 25 years

RX Music provides a premium music experience for hotels, restaurants, spas, and retail spaces from around the world.We are trusted by the biggest names to create custom-branded music & video playlists for commercial use. At the heart of our company is a mission to connect with industry professionals and elevate commercial experiences through music. We believe in filtering out the noise and getting in tune with the right music to enliven your atmosphere. Whether they are guests, customers, patrons, patients, or employees, it’s our job to provide music that helps your business stand out in the competitive global marketplace.

Cavallo Point
Irvine Properties
Drunken Fish
Bar Louie
The Cheesecake Factory
Vaughan Mills
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We never
miss a beat!

Stay On Top of Music Trends

At our core we are diehard music lovers and pop culture fanatics. It’s why our editorial reflects our love for all things music, from the current scene to the iconic past. We enjoy actively staying on top of the latest music trends and sharing our knowledge in multiple ways through our Editorial site! Check out RXCOMMENDS, where we review new releases that we are enjoying and programming for our clients. Or listen to our Beneath the Rhythm podcast, which captures the shifts of today's intersectional music scene. Our team consistently takes the extra step to immerse ourselves in music culture and create insights for various listening experiences.