Music for restaurants & bars

Crafting the right music for one of the best South Dakota has to offer.

The Loud American Roadhouse is located on legendary Main Street in Sturgis, South Dakota.  Their pride & joy is not only the finest steak tip dinner and live music in town, but they’re also the go-to spot to celebrate the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally which is one of the largest biker events in the world!  This premier restaurant and live music venue serves up delicious meals from burgers, pastas and salads to their melt-in-your-mouth beef tenderloins.  They also offer a vast selection of domestic and import bottles and taps, select handcrafted beers, a surprising wine list, bottomless mimosas and a custom Bloody Mary bar.

Teaming up with RX Music in early 2016 has also helped to solidify their position as the choice locale for live concert events and music that sets the tone for such a busy and bustling environment.  RX Music has been instrumental in creating customized playlists that can easily provide entertainment for a family outing or engage a rowdy late night crowd.  We have worked hands-on with Loud American Roadhouse’s creative team to curate and build specialized playlists from their personal list of hand-picked songs that merge seamlessly with our added suggestions.  This artistic collaboration has been vital to the success of many of their essential events.

Loud American Roadhouse has, on frequent occasion, also utilized the expertise of our music programming manager in our promotional and licensing department to ingest pre-recorded commercials and to assist in securing the rights to the music of local artists to add to their eclectic musical mix.  Extreme effort and meticulous care is also taken by their dedicated music consultant to set-up their ever-changing promo and concert schedule.  We’ve also been called on to implement unique requests such as ensuring explicit content, which is typically not allowed, can be included when appropriate in rare situations.

“Kelly, you’re a rock star!” – Andy Y., Artist Development  & Creative Services

As the trusted partnership and teamwork of Loud American Roadhouse and RX Music continues to evolve, we will always ensure that their patrons are happy and sonically fulfilled.