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Pet Supplies Plus

Helping pet owners stay connected.

Pet Supplies Plus is an American pet supplies chain with a strong ambition to stand out. They are a pet friendly environment, welcoming thousands of pet owners (and of course their pets) each day. Beyond their physical products, they offer additional pet services such as grooming and dog washing.

Pet Supplies Plus contacted RX Music to do more than just develop their signature sound. They were also seeking a way to engage with their customers. They are more than just a chain of pet supplies: they’re a member of the community and each customer that walks into their local store is a piece of the Pet Supplies puzzle.

The mission was to keep their customers aware of in-store sales, community outreach & events, their local charities, classroom initiatives, and partnerships. To accomplish this, we instituted our proprietary mySHOW feature, allowing each location to display images featuring anything and everything linked to Pet Supplies Plus.

This visual integration program is direct, reliable and proven to be a winning formula to meet the needs of all parties throughout each location, adding to the aura of Pet Supplies Plus and its brand identity.