Music for retail stores & malls

Custom music curation complimenting various Irvine properties throughout the U.S.

Irvine Properties, a Californian staple, began as a 120,000-acre ranching and farming operation in Orange County and is now a retail hotbed. City locals are bestowed a variety of shopping centers and retailers alongside state-of-the-art hotels and luxury residencies.

With each Irvine concept centering on a broad range of demographics, our consultants are tasked with providing guidance and insight to their respective spokespersons about the music. Team members work with varying timeframes as new concepts and properties are opened, often with tight turnaround times, Irvine is growing!

“I’m so excited to incorporate music at this location” – Kalie E. – Assistant Manager (Gateway Plaza)

Each of their concepts have the same objective: customer satisfaction! RX Music plays a key role in helping to achieve that goal.  Offering relevant consult to their spokespersons, our consultants have completely rebranded their playlists, using vision based on different variables surrounding the Irvine domain. We’ve instituted a unique approach for each of their concepts, making certain that no two properties are listening to the same music.

“Thank you so much – the music is great!” – Melissa M. – Assistant Manager (Eastgate Terrace)

The music we’ve put in place for Irvine properties has proven to be a hot commodity not only for customers, but personnel as well. We were successfully able to identify and create content that’s perfect for  them, while also avoiding dreaded repetition.