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elevated restaurant music experiences

Immerse your restaurant in an unforgettable auditory experience, tailored to enhance every guest’s journey. Our carefully curated music selection elevates your brand, creating the perfect ambiance for each unique dining space. Whether you operate a boutique eatery, international chain, or resort restaurant, our curation amplifies your brand’s individuality, leaving a lasting impression. Discover the transformative power of our music solutions, ensuring your restaurant stands out as an extraordinary culinary destination.

customized restaurant music solutions

We provide custom music solutions for your restaurant to ensure that guests have an unforgettable dining experience
that leaves them wanting more. Our approach begins with a comprehensive discussion of your restaurant’s atmosphere,
clientele, and services to identify the best background music to bring your vision to life. Once the music is implemented on-site, our team of dedicated music consultants continues to update your program regularly and work closely with you as your business and brand evolve.

Fine dining music

Casual dining music

Great casual dining music welcomes everyone to take a seat and dig in. Families, first dates, and colleagues come to your restaurant for the reliability of the food and service, but it’s the reliably great atmosphere that soundtracks their night out. RX Music understands the powerful effect of background music for casual dining. Whether you’re a laid-back local joint or a fast-paced casual outlet, our music consultants take the time to gain intimate knowledge of your brand and sonically enhance the experience you offer. We conceptualize, create, and manage your playlists, from fun and energetic restaurant music to pop hits for casual dining.

Bar and lounge music

Your bar’s music is an opportunity to show guests who you are and set you apart from the competition. Background music for bars is an art as refined as mixology, each ingredient felt and appreciated, with just the right influence on your guests’ perception. Discover the perfect ambience for your guests that will have them ordering another round. From classy and sultry cocktail lounge music to trendy electronic tunes for a memorable night out, our hand-selected playlists will make your bar the place to be. After a consultation with your Music Consultant, you’ll be presented with hand-picked samples. From there, we create, manage, and update your bar music mix on an ongoing basis, ensuring that every track leaves your guests thirsty for more.

Patio music

Your patio music is the soundtrack of your guests’ summer. For after-work drinks or date night, leave them refreshed with breezy summer terrace music. Al fresco music for Sunday brunch? Summer vibes music for a trendy patio ambiance? Your Music Consultant will help identify the perfect music for your outdoor patio, whether it’s hot summer hits, yacht rock, or refined garden music. After an initial consultation, you’ll be presented with hand-picked samples to establish your unique brand of outdoor dining music. From there, we create, manage, and update your playlists on a regular basis, ensuring the perfect patio playlists around the clock.