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Transform your spa into a haven of serenity with a soothing auditory experience, custom-tailored to enhance every guest’s blissful journey. Crafted to align seamlessly with your spa’s unique identity, our meticulously curated music creates the perfect ambiance for each tranquil space. Whether you operate a boutique spa, a renowned wellness retreat, or a luxury resort, our playlists harmonize with your brand’s essence, leaving a lasting sense of tranquility. Experience the calming influence of our specialized music solutions, ensuring your spa stands out as an extraordinary retreat.

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Spa music is made easy through our expertly crafted playlists that will have your guests relaxed and rejuvenated. As music lovers, we understand that the listening experience plays an essential role in transcending your spa into a tranquil environment. That’s why every playlist begins with a thorough discussion of your spa’s design and vision to create the best musical direction to suit your service, atmosphere and clientele.

Destination spa music

Massage room music

Your spa’s massage rooms are the beating hearts of your spa oasis. Calming music for massage therapy drifts over the room like an aroma, putting your guests into a state of blissful relaxation. They return when life gets overwhelming, and your hand-picked, serene massage room playlists greet them with the sound of utmost peace. Your Music Consultant will gain an intimate understanding of your massage room experience, craft healing playlists, and continue to update the music, leaving your business and guests in caring hands.

Day spa music

The right music quiets your guests’ minds and puts them at ease for a journey of pure bliss. Your day spa’s background music takes them to that place of relaxation with nature sounds, meditative new age, or gentle classical music, all hand-picked and updated regularly by your Music Consultant. We take care of the music so you can focus on taking care of your guests

Spa reception music

Your spa’s reception area introduces your guests to a blissful day of unwinding. Relaxing music upon check-in welcomes them with a gentle touch, signaling that your spa is a refuge of calm. After gaining an intimate understanding of the experience your spa offers, your Music Consultant hand-picks the perfect background music for spa check-ins. Playlists are updated regularly, so that repeat guests are greeted with fresh and inviting sounds each time they return.

Sauna room music

Your spa’s sauna room is the gateway to a world of calm and relaxation. Peaceful music for sauna rooms creates a tranquil ambiance for guests to unwind and escape the stresses of everyday life. RX Music creates sauna playlists with serene nature sounds, meditative new age, and ambient electronica to create a harmonious sauna experience and set your guests’ minds and bodies at ease. With hand-picked playlists updated regularly, your spa is their go-to choice for a perfectly crafted sauna experience.