Music for restaurants & bars

All Star Wings & Ribs

Music for you, your Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Cousin, Friend, and everyone in between.

All Star is a trusted hotspot in Toronto for wing lovers, with over 200 flavors on the menu. The restaurant is truly for all-comers, whether you want a night out with the family or somewhere to watch the game with your friends.

Their representatives know that music is a key element in their guests’ experience. Utilizing generic music channels seemingly provided a wide gap in styles and sounds, proving to be a hindrance in taking the restaurants to the next level. They needed a new median specific to the brand and their patrons.

RX Music was happy to step in and help steer things in the right direction. First, we needed to understand the key demographics throughout the day, the items on the menu, and management’s vision. While they are always a family-friendly environment, families with kids typically surface throughout the daytime and evening hours. Once dinner hours wind down, young adults begin making their way into the restaurant, and even more so for sporting events.

“No complaints have been brought to our attention. Everyone appears to be happy with the recent changes.” – Jessica D., Assistant Manager

Accompanying their delicious food in the daytime and evening are medium energy contemporary favorites ranging from Top 40, Indie and Adult Contemporary, with a small percentage of classics infused. As the day ages, the energy level is bumped up a notch, in particular once the younger late night crowd rolls in, shifting gears to Hip-Hop, Latin and Dance music.

Following a couple of on-site visits, analysis and discussions with management, the overall consensus is that it’s just what the doctor ordered. No matter the time of day, the head-boppers and toe-tappers add to the All Star experience, so you’re virtually guaranteed the perfect dining experience and more!