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RX Music’s special event programming enhances your experience at Hard Rock.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas is a legendary entertainment resort off the Las Vegas Strip. The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, The Killers, and Nine Inch Nails are just a few of the many high profile acts that have performed at the venue. Although it’s known for providing remarkable concert headliners, the hotel and casino also embodies numerous restaurants, shops, a nightlife club scene, a luxurious pool, spa, and salon.

RX Music and Hard Rock Hotel have a long-standing relationship and we are proud to provide Custom Music Programming for many of their world-wide locations. Major concert events are an important component of the venue. We regularly provide Special Event Programming that coincides with each occasion.

Last summer, Nine Inch Nails were booked to perform three sold out shows at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. The band’s team provided a list of songs to Hard Rock and requested they be played in the casino on concert days, which we easily accommodated for them. Hard Rock management contacted RX Music with the request to confirm each song was casino friendly.  Their designated Music Consultant cautiously listened to each track and found that some of the selections were inapt with the Hard Rock brand. We eliminated all the off-kilter titles, recommended additional Nine Inch Nails content and fine-tuned the special event playlist to guarantee each song was appropriate for the casino.

“That’s RAD!! Thank you very much … I look forward to working with you on this.” –  Chas S. – Vice President of Entertainment

Special Event Programming is a service RX Music provides to all clients. We are aware of local, national, and world-wide holidays, special occasions and concert tours and prepare playlists well in advance that coincide with each event. We also curate custom special event programming for our clients, paying close attention to the brand and reputation to make sure the music is always appropriate. RX Music greatly appreciates our relationship with Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas and we’re happy to maintain the sound of the renowned brand.

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