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Making ‘elbow room’ for the perfect playlist.

The Elbow Room is synonymous with the best in casual dining and is known for being a popular establishment that attracts the trendiest of patrons.  Owner Mike Shirinian says it’s their artisan approach to comfort food that’s the real secret to the success of this six decade-old California icon.  From the day the doors first opened in 1955, the San Francisco-style steakhouse has been serving the best steak sandwich around and it’s still the number one item on the menu today.

To cultivate the perfect background music to go along with their mouth-watering steak and seafood as well as their award winning wine list, The Elbow Room relies on RX Music to create an ideal setting.  In steps music connoisseur and consultant, Jennifer Trujillo, who has several years of experience honing her craft as a music curator and professional.

Mike wanted to customize a “popular” playlist that could seamlessly blend Motown and current pop music so that it could appeal to their eclectic range of customers.  Jennifer spent a substantial amount of time researching each song in order to find the right mix of content from both genres so that they would blend cohesively, and Mike was elated with the result.

“You’re a star! What you do for us is fabulous”.   Mike S. – Owner

Upon hitting a homerun with The Elbow Room, Mike was ecstatic to also have Jennifer serve as the music consultant for another establishment he owns called Riley’s Brewing, which is known for serving craft beer, hard sodas and spirits with an attentively designed back drop of rock, country, and selective pop music.

“Riley’s and Elbow Room are right on. You have a VERY difficult job. It would be easier if you’re actually in the restaurant seeing the people, etc… I appreciate your professionalism and receptive attitude. We’re on the right track… Are your ears burning?  I just mentioned your name and RX with one of my managers. All is great!”  Mike S. – Owner

RX Music takes pride in not only choosing members of our team that do a great job of listening to and discerning our client’s needs, but also relishing in the pure joy that is experienced when a clients feels that we get it!