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RX Music

What is the difference between RX Music and my local radio station?

There’s a world of difference. Not only does RX Music run ad-free programming, you have the flexibility to set the right music to fit your brand. Our team of resident music experts works tirelessly to ensure each of our clients has the best mix of music. For more information contact

Are you a streaming service?

No. We’re an on-demand music service with media natively stored on the local system. This means that music plays uninterrupted 100% of the time, regardless of your Internet connection. When Internet connection is active, it is used download new songs onto the local system in the background, without any interruptions to music being played.

Does RX Music cover all music licensing fees?

All music supplied by RX Music is pre-cleared for background use including all required public performance and master use licenses. So, when playing music provided by us, rest assured the creators are compensated fairly and you operating within the law.

How many songs are available with an RX Music Service subscription?

In a word: millions. We have agreements with major and independent labels that keep our catalog up-to-date and ever evolving to fit the needs of all our clients around the globe.

Are RX Music services available outside of North America?

Absolutely. We work with a number of global clients to ensure they have the perfect music required for their distinct business needs.

Where can I see the RX Music service in action?

It would be our pleasure to show you how this works. You can contact us at or at 866.284.3269.

Music for my business

Is there anybody I can talk to about how music complements and strengthens my brand?

Our premium curation service offers hands on music management to our most exacting clientele. If you need to take complete control of your brand – you want to work with us, hand-in-hand to creating the best music programming available. Contact our team, and we'll introduce you to a personal Music Programming Consultant.

My business is family friendly; can RX Music assure me that I won’t hear any swears or objectionable content?

Of course! We can ensure your content is scanned and certified for explicit and objectionable material by a team of music experts who flag anything inappropriate before it can even make it to your station.

I have multiple locations or multiple rooms for which I need additional programming. Do you support this?

Yes, this is our specialty. Our service excels in creating brand specific programming across multiple locations and has the flexibility to create different sound zones throughout the same location.

Can RX Music play my businesses ads in-between songs?

Totally. Our team is more than happy to help you import and seamlessly schedule your promotions into the programming to play at the correct time. We also offer preferred rates on ad production!

Am I going to be stuck listening to the same looped channels/songs?

No. While we offer a wide variety of playlists that are consistently refreshed covering all commercial environments, what we do best is customize a bespoke music program for your unique environment that won’t have you listening to the same content over and over again. So, no, you won’t.

Can I manage our own playlists and scheduling?

Our service is designed so that our clients can focus on running their business. That said, you’ll have complete control over your catalog and full management over the music played in your business. You tell us how hands on or off you want to be.

How can I tell if my customers really like the music we’re playing?

The RX Music Voting App gives you the ability to engage your customers, soliciting direct feedback on the music that is being played on site.

Music sourcing & licensing

Can I legally use a streaming service as background music in my business establishment? 

Music streaming services are developed for consumers, not businesses, and licensed for private use only. A Public Performance License  (PPL) is needed to play music in all public places. 

Is it legal to play music that I paid for, such as CDs, MP3s or digital files for background music?

When you purchase music, whether it be digital files or a CD, you are purchasing a license to “rent” the content for yourself.  No matter how much music you purchase for yourself, that music is prohibited to play in public. Once it’s played in a commercial setting without a proper license, it violates copyright law since it’s then considered a public performance, which requires a separate license. 

What is copyright? 

copyright is the exclusive right given to the creator of a creative work to reproduce or license that work to another person or company. This can be anything from a song to a book. In terms of music copyright, one of those exclusive rights is to earn money from that intellectual property. If you as a business are playing music without permission, you are directly committing copyright infringement and can be held accountable. 

What exactly is considered a commercial setting? 

A commercial setting is any space that is commonly open to the public including, but not limited to, retail stores, bars and restaurants, malls, meeting rooms, trade shows, office buildings, and even on hold music while your customers wait. 

How can I get the licenses for playing music in a business? 

First, you need to be aware of the performance rights organizations (PROs) in which artists, songwriters, musicians and publishers are enrolled. There are three main PROs in the U.S. - ASCAP, BMI, GMR and one in Canada - SOCAN. Should you choose to purchase your own license from only one PRO, for example, that license permits you to use copyrighted music represented by that PRO only, but not the others. It’s important to know that many songs have more than one songwriter, composer, and publisher. In many cases, they belong to a different performing rights organization. Therefore, obtaining a blanket license with each PRO to cover all of your tracks is recommended. Obtaining these licenses can often be expensive and generating and submitting monthly reports can be a lengthy, tedious process. The best (and easiest) course of action would be using a company that these licensing fees on your behalf, like RX Music!  

What happens if I play music in my business without paying for the necessary licenses? 

If you do not obtain the necessary permissions you can be held liable for damages. Industry representatives walk into thousands of businesses every day looking for those operating in contravention of copyright laws. If you are caught playing music illegally (not by a licensed provider), PROs, labels, songwriters and publishers can issue a fine to that business of up to $150,000 USD per song. 

Do DJs or Live Bands need to pay for music licensing? 

Not necessarily. In the case of live entertainment, the venue is almost always responsible for securing the proper license(s). PROs do not provide the option for live entertainment acts such as DJs and bands to purchase public performance licenses. Licensing requirements also change should the business be charging admission to an event where music is played as entertainment. 

Device & technology

Is there any hardware I need to install?

As a part of your RX Music Service Subscription you will receive our exclusive MUSICbox, which has the capacity and flexibility to meet your sonic needs, from large environments to small intimate spaces.

My internet connection is not the greatest, how does the RX Music service work with a weak internet connection?

Your RX Music subscription is not reliant on a strong internet connection - but it certainly helps. We’re not a streaming service. If for some reason internet is not available, your music will keep on playing. No more buffering or waiting for your internet provider to fix a modem. It’s not advised to have your station offline forever - your RX Music hardware will have to connect to our servers once in a while to receive music, software and licensing updates.

Do I have to be in front of my MUSICbox to make changes?

No, our mobile app allows you to control your music wherever you are on site.

How quickly can I get a MUSICbox?

If you have an available PC that meets our networking requirements you may be able to get up and running in a matter of hours. If you require a new system we can facilitate overnight shipping throughout North America. Contact our Sales Department at

Help & inquiry

How do I get help with my service?

Music is an essential service. We offer 24hr Emergency Technical Support to our clients. You can always reach out to our technical support team at or at 866.284.3269

I have a RX Music subscription and I don’t remember my login information. Where can I find it?

It happens to the best of us. You can always reach out to our technical support team at or at 866.284.3269 to retrieve it.

I am an independent artist or label, and I’m interested in being included in your catalog. Who do I contact?

We'd love to hear it! Our music programming team is always looking for new and exciting music. Drop us a line at