Music for hotels & resorts

The development of finding the right hotel music for SLS.

The SLS Hotel in Las Vegas is a mainstay on the Vegas strip with a rich and lengthy history dating back to the 1950’s.  As one of the most highly regarded Vegas venues, SLS has serviced millions of guests, offering numerous amenities including a full-size pool, fitness studio, spa, in-room dining and of course, their prized casino.

SLS and RX Music partnered up four years ago to form a sound that was unique to them and spoke closely to their clientele. Recently having re-opened the Sayers Club, they were seeking custom curated music that would provide a cool and trendy, yet modern and sophisticated sound for their 21-and-over evening crowd.


After providing finely tuned sample playlists, a sound was brought to life  with contemporary Indie selections alongside a chill Electro and R&B vibes to match the desired energy level of their venue.

The atmosphere has become a  communicable  feature throughout. This has inspired other areas of the hotel to adopt the same sound and creating  an effective brand facet, which resonates with its core demographic.

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