Music for restaurants & bars

How the right music redefined the image of Blue Grillhouse.

blue is the most recent addition to the Paxos Restaurant Group. Located on the West Bank of Pennsylvania, they welcome hundreds of guests on a daily basis. With its stunning décor, the restaurant proudly houses two high-energy indoor and outdoor bars and seven unique private dining spaces. Their elegance, dependable staff, great tasting food and of course, their music, continue to redefine the steakhouse concept.

RX Music and Blue Grillhouse create an ambiance that was inimitable only to them. We instituted a sit down with blue representatives to get inside their head and enhance our understanding of their brand. We took their suggestions into consideration to develop a bespoke music program which complements their location, menu items, demographic and elegancy.. Staff and guests at blue now enjoy a smooth sound of music with soft, warm vocals varying from Adult Contemporary, Soul, R&B, Pop and Electronica.

In addition, RX Music’s support team worked with blue’s upper management to have ubiquitous access to their full music program, in turn giving them the ability to review their playlists at any time.

The new direction for blue has played a key role in enhancing the brand, I with staff, guests and overall reputation benefiting.