Music for entertainment venues & casinos

Ameristar Casino (Vicksburg)

Ameristar Casino is the leisure hotspot in Western Mississippi, who’s representatives share a desire for great music. Beyond that, their main focus is always enhancing their guests’ experience, and RX Music has been instrumental in that feat. In addition to working with their key team members to differentiate themselves from the competition, we’ve applied one of our key features to help tell their story through music.

This month, many venues across North America will be hosting Halloween themed parties and Ameristar is certainly among them. Therefore, beyond their defined sound that’s been set over time, our Music Programming team assembled an appropriate soundtrack for this event, emphasizing eminent songs that coincide with the popular holiday. We featured an eclectic mixture of suitable classic and contemporary tracks that are easily identifiable with Halloween and flow together seamlessly.

“Halloween playlist is great!” – Cameron R., Manager

The implementation of our Special Event Programming feature has allowed both sides to accomplish their goal of adding to visitors’ experience, thus providing them with a great time and taking away life’s everyday stresses. Ameristar Casino has always been proud to highlight their dedication to their customers, and the music on hand is the icing on the cake!