Music for restaurants & bars

A California hot spot with music done right.

The aura of The Abbey dates all the way back to the early 90’s, when it was a local coffee shop, before SBE picked it up.  With a single location in West Hollywood, it’s become an iconic site in the LGBT community, for locals and tourists alike.

RX Music came together with representatives from this SBE subsidiary to not only enhance our understanding of this celebrated brand, but also discuss how to achieve the best music program. Asking questions about the restaurant, its history, menu, and guests were elemental, but not all-inclusive. These contributing factors would make the final product that much more robust.

At its core, The Abbey is a WeHo hotspot for the LGBT community to unite, with a broad age range of young adults to the young at heart. Based on this, the Music Consultant’s initiative was to capitalize on the niche of its clientele, implementing a party vibe of past and present favorites, with fitting artists and genres. The music is now broader, ranging from iconic 70’s and 80’s hits to modern day, dancing favorites. The aim is to keep guests singing along and, if not familiar with a song, wanting to pull out their Shazam app, taking the music beyond their bar experience.


In addition to the creative side, the technical side is just as key to this thriving partnership. Because of our affable team members and user-friendly technology, bar staff have the ability to be in command of their system through the web, anywhere in the venue.  Additionally, they can foretaste their music ahead of time with personalized listening stations.

With a long-standing mutual partnership, steady, open communication with stakeholders and frequent music updates to keep the vibe fabulous, the staff and customers are enjoying the new sound, with a formative music direction for the future.

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