Music for restaurants & bars

FAB Concepts pride themselves on staying true to their consumer through music.

For nearly 20 years, FAB Restaurant Concepts have established themselves as a premiere collection of restaurants and pubs throughout Toronto.  Each location, whether it’s Pogue Mahone, Murphy’s Law, Dominion Pub & Kitchen, Against the Grain or any of their various concepts, thrives to be the go to staple in its respective neighborhood.  FAB Concepts have achieved this feat by continuing to exceed guest expectations through exciting ambiance, creative and delicious cuisine and a flow of music that works in harmony with their overall vision.

When it comes to curating music that matches their exceptional brands and service, FAB Concepts trusts RX Music to deliver the goods.  From Motown to contemporary Pop and Indie Rock, their playlists have become as much a part of their identity as their tasty dishes and delectable drinks.

Recently, FAB Concepts tasked RX Music with changing musical direction in order to appeal to a younger demographic.  Their dedicated music consultant, Ben Birchard, was able to achieve the clients goals and take their customer’s listening experience to the next level by incorporating a more retro sound, heavily featuring late 90’s to 2010 Pop and R&B.  He also recommended a vintage but cool mix of anthems that would also appeal to a younger core.  Those suggested songs were placed on a separate playlists and available to staff ‘on demand’ through our state of the art applications MOBILEapp and webCONTROL.

Creating a playlist with anthems that would attract a younger demographic was the perfect solution to maintaining the strong, established branded sound of FAB Concepts while providing the flexibility to infuse requests without disrupting the daily musical flow.

“The Music is great. Some really good feedback from people!” – Shane C., Director of Operations

FAB Concepts’ willingness to partner with RX Music to focus on the sonic experience of their customer’s continues to prove their commitment to a great guest experience that will go beyond the next 20 years.