Music for restaurants & bars

Crafting the perfect music mix for Craft + Carry.

Craft + Carry recently opened two locations in the city that never sleeps.  With one located in Downtown Brooklyn and another in Gramercy, the premium bottle shop and tap room emphasizes local brewers and offers a remarkably vast selection of beer.

With over 400 craft beers and 14 beers on tap, Craft + Carry consistently rotate draft beers to ensure something new is always available. Encouraging guests to enjoy themselves, lively games such as Skee-Ball are present along with a few interesting beer snacks.

Fun and variety are two key components one is certain to experience at Craft + Carry.  RX Music works diligently to make sure their sound reflects the same concept and represents the eclectic taste of their predominately affluent male clientele.

That vibe at Gramercy is awesome and we’ve been getting compliments about it. – Dieter S. – Owner

We thoroughly consulted with Craft + Carry and developed a Custom Music Program consisting of an upbeat eclectic mix of various genres. Anything from Jazz to Motown to Modern Indie Rock and Alternative is represented, resulting in a sense of diversity, familiarity, comfort, and most importantly, fun!

The new sound has evoked positive responses from their visitors and has helped facilitate a fun atmosphere for New Yorkers who are seeking to enjoy themselves with access to numerous choices of the finest local brewed beer.