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The concept at The Counter Burger is a simple one: Choice.  When The Counter was established (or anti-established, as they like to say) in 2003, they wanted to present burger aficionados with a new spin on the classic burger joint.  In pursuit of this, they came to the conclusion that nobody can tailor a burger for you better than…well, you!  As such, the “Custom Burger” was born.

The first thing you’ll receive when entering The Counter, is the order form.  You fill it out to suit your burger needs to a “T”.  Start by selecting the burger itself: Beef, Chicken, Turkey, or Vegan Veggie; the size of the burger; and the vessel  – you can have it served on a bun or in a bowl!  Then you move on to one of over 12 different cheese selections (including gruyere or herb goat cheese spread – hello!), before you arrive at the toppings, or premium toppings.  All this leads you to a vast array of sauces before finally getting to the sides and then…well, you’re starting to get the picture.  With over 312,120 different burger combination possibilities, rarely is the same burger ever made twice in one day, and you can change your burger every, mouth-watering, time you step up to The Counter.

If the amount of choice seems overwhelming at first, not to worry, The Counter has a number of Signature Burgers you can pick from as well.  Why not let the experts prepare you a combination they know will work?

Clearly a business that fully understands the value of customization, The Counter has turned to RX Music to create a Music Program that is tailored to their needs, like their burgers are tailored to each of their customers.  Blending the sounds of classic and contemporary rock and pop, with just the right amount of soul and RnB, the music at The Counter appeals to just as wide an array of folks as their burgers do!

The Counter is based out of California but is always growing.  With new locations in Ireland (Dublin) and Kuwait (Al Rai), your own customized burger may be closer to you than you think, or could soon be on its way. Stop in and test your Burger concoction skills today!