Music for hotels & resorts

Identifying each brand through different music recipes.

Marriott Vacation Club offers more than 10,000 vacation options around the world in some of the most coveted destination spots from Miami and Myrtle Beach to the beautiful island of Kauai in Hawaii.  They have become one of the most trusted brands in hospitality, attracting vacationers to their world class resorts who are looking to get away, unwind and create amazing memories.

With the expertise of RX Music the vacation experience is enhanced for guests with the creation sonically appealing playlists.  There is no cookie-cutter approach to designing the sound for their numerous locations.  Each locale enjoys tailored playlists ranging from tropical blends of Reggae, Calypso and beach favorites that encourage you to relax with a cocktail to nostalgic soul funk and crooners classics that are fun for the whole family. Their playlists are varied, unique and specifically.


MVC also boasts another concept called Pulse VC that targets a trendy, millennial demographic in one-of-a-kind hotels that focus on unique experiences custom-fit to their location.  These hotels are typically housed in high rise buildings with boutique and lavish interiors that create a luxurious experience. Through meticulous consultations RX Music discovered that the Pulse objective is for their customers to feel the energy and excitement of the very city they are staying in.  So, while vacationing in New York you may be serenaded by Sinatra’s classic version or Alicia Key’s urban take on their New York- themed song.  The music in each ritzy retreat is crafted to be trend-setting and to have its finger on the pulse of all that is fashionable and hot in that city.

This method of music curation ensures a pleasant vacation experience and a defined signature sound for the client. It proves to be a winning formula for thousand of vacationers to return year after year.

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