Music for hotels & resorts

Charleston’s background music was and is a key element in bringing the brand to life!

They say art is not a ‘thing,’ it’s a way, and a unique one at that. The Vendue knows all about unique.  Five years ago, the property was renovated and reborn into Charleston’s first boutique hotel dedicated to the arts in all forms. Carrying the charm and structure of the original properties, Charleston’s Art Hotel inspires guests through their art program, housing a fully functional artist studio and several different exhibits per year.

Following the renovations, delegates of the hotel wanted a sound to match their visual arts program that would break the mold. RX Music presented a direction that was very eclectic in style and comes together to flow as an artistic, hip, chic, and sophisticated sound. Now, the hotel enjoys touches of jazz, soul, rock, electronic, blues, world music and an interspersed selection of hip-hop.

Charleston’s Art Hotel’s brand music possesses world renowned artists and a mix guests may not foresee, resulting in an exciting experience and sparking interest from one track to the next.