custom music programming

custom music programming

Our custom music programming begins with an in-depth discussion of your property’s design. We identify distinct music zones as well as musical directions best suited for your atmosphere and clientele. This is followed by a bespoke curation proposal to determine a creative consensus for each unique space. Beyond opening day, your music consultant is always on hand to refresh your program when necessary and work closely with you as your business and brand evolves.

Your designated music consultant

Day-part your heart out

Day-parts ensure that the music ebbs and flows with the daily cycles of your business and its unique spaces. Divided by energy level, day-parts transition to mirror your business’s changing clientele and peak times, ensuring that you never have to worry about the energy in the room. We’re here for you – morning, afternoon, night, and everything in between.

Sound & vision

Our catalog featuring millions of licensed audio and video tracks means that there’s always new avenues and content to discover. A song could be the difference between that second drink at the bar and an early night, while music videos and album artwork enliven the visual dimension of your atmosphere.

music licensing

music sourcing & licensing

We’ve got your music licensing covered with access to millions of tracks to be played around the world. Most importantly, our team curates your music program to comply specifically with the copyright standards of your region. On top of this, we have a team of dedicated music licensing experts who work with record labels to secure content for programming. As a result, our music library is constantly expanding with the latest hits and eclectic deep cuts for your business’s background music.

24/7 tech support

If you ever run into any issues, need a hand setting up hardware, software or equipment or need quick programming changes outside of business hours – our dedicated operations team are always available to lend a hand.


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background music tools

music management tools

Imagine a group of young adults comes into your business and wants the latest hip-hop tracks. Then comes a family reunion and they want to hear classic soul. On top of this a K-Pop band is having a huge concert next door to your hotel and there’s a big group of fans in the lobby. Not to worry! We have a playlist for it that you can switch on to make their night. Although we pride ourselves on creating the perfect custom program for your business, we recognize that some days and nights are different. That’s why we make it easy and accessible for you to switch up your music and accommodate your clientele on the fly. With applications for mobile and PC, RX Music puts music control in your hands and makes it easy to change or alter the music.



MOBILEapp manage your vibe

Our MOBILEapp (available for Apple and Android devices) will allow you and trusted members of your team to control the music from your mobile device. You can view what’s playing, skip songs, control the volume level, search for and select songs and toggle between your different zones.


my | RX Music

Your RX Music media home on the net! myRXM allows you to be the DJ. Create playlists, add or remove tracks and see a concrete overview of your music program. You can also search through our catalog of expertly curated playlists and database of licensed songs through our user friendly interface.


VOTEapp client feedback

With our VOTEapp interface, get interactive with the background music in your business! Give your team or guests a say in the custom music playlist through our easy upvote and downvote options per song. This will allow our music programming team to curate similar content to your positively received tracks and avoid the tracks that just don’t hit your vibe.

clean music edits for business

music certification & censoring

We are committed to bringing the best quality music to your space, which is why we have a strict certification process that ensures smooth transitions between tracks. We identify and edit tracks with explicit content to make certain that the music is appropriate for family friendly environments. Our ears are fine tuned to provide you with a superior audio experience

Music on Hold and paging solutions

on-hold & overhead messaging

Informing your customers about promotions and protocols is made seamless with our multi-layered music scheduling system. It’s designed to effectively deliver your message and music in a unified experience that avoids disruptions. Simply send us the details of your announcement and we’ll take care of the rest!

RX Music AV Design & Integration

A/V design & integration

Our Audio Video Design & Integration services for business are designed to help companies enhance their customer experience and create a more engaging environment. We offer a range of services to help businesses incorporate audio and video technology into their spaces. This includes sound system design, installation and maintenance, as well as digital signage design and implementation. We work with our clients to understand their specific needs and objectives, and develop custom solutions that are tailored to their business. This results in unique audio and video experiences that reflect your brand’s identity. With a team of experienced audio and video professionals, RX Music is well-equipped to help businesses create engaging and immersive environments that delight customers and drive sales.