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Fat Sal’s

Fat Sandwiches, Phat Sound

Fat Sal’s is a famous restaurant and deli, with three Los Angeles locations. Known for their fat sandwiches, extensive menu and vast variety of 51 toppings and condiments, any item on the menu is sure to satisfy a hefty appetite.

Frequented by local college students, Fat Sal’s exciting restaurant vibe is perfect for pre or post game meetups. Fat Sal’s contacted RX Music to develop Custom Music Programming that represented their distinctive menu and youthful atmosphere.

RX Music and Fat Sal’s agreed Hip-Hop has strongly represented the sound of the youth for the past few decades. Although 90’s Hip-Hop is known for its phat beats and dope rhymes and Hip-Hop is now the most popular genre of music, the content can be a bit too edgy at times. With concerns about content being too explicit, RX Music provided Fat Sal’s a Custom Music Program of classic and current Hip-Hop, with strictly edited versions of each track.

“Sounds good!  The system is great. It definitely solved a lot of issues we had.  Thank you.” – Will M., Marketing Coordinator

With a dedicated editing team diligently cleaning up explicit titles, RX Music provides quality inexplicit content. Fat Sal’s appreciates their programming with clean Hip-Hop classics along with fresh and new content, contributing to the exciting youthful appetite of the complete Fat Sal’s experience.