Music for restaurants & bars

How the restaurant music compliments an all inclusive environment.

Pizza Lucé, known as Minnesota’s best pizza, is distinctly hip and serves a wide demographic of patrons of all ages and styles, offering pizza-lovers creative offerings, vegan, and gluten-free options. The company has a prominent reputation for having a uniquely inclusive and supportive culture, allowing employees to rock their tattoos and piercings, some of whom are notable local musicians themselves. The décor of the restaurants is likewise unconventional, with walls of decorated exposed brick which are also referred to as “tattooed”.

With enthusiastic guidance and requests from owners, we crafted a playlist that mirrors the edgy, alternative, yet upbeat and energized environment of the restaurant. Each day part, though based upon a foundation of Alternative Rock from the Grunge era through to the present day, uses a somewhat diverse recipe to compliment their demographic and changes noticeably during each meal.

 “You provide a great service to the community and our brand. Thank you for that.” – Laura H. – Owner

The day begins with a bright sound, peppered with familiar Classic Rock tracks followed by a separate evening playlist including some “outlaw” Country, mixed with Soul selections for a more dynamic soundscape. The day concludes with one final Late Night playlist that brings the energy even higher and instills a feeling of modernity and youthfulness, featuring the newest and hottest Alternative hits.

In addition, RX Music keeps a careful eye on the musical happenings in and around Minnesota area, with the intent to add those artists to a separate playlist, and allowing them the ability to feature those artists in their regular programming.

This style of music curation has proven to help facilitate an enjoyable visit for guests and a happier working environment for staff. The new sound is a winning formula for this hotspot resulting in thousands of locals and tourists enjoying a great slice!