Music for retail stores & malls

Fun and music. Period.

With 52 locations throughout the U.S. and U.K., Topgolf offers a combination of technology and entertainment to non-golfers and adept golfers of all ages and skill levels, with high-tech gaming systems that have revolutionized the conventional driving range experience. An innovative mix of golf and technology has helped them transform into a globally recognized sports and entertainment brand.

Entertainment through food and beverage, golf, socialization and music are key components of Topgolf’s success. Key executives looked to RX Music to provide an in-store music design that complemented their high energy and fun atmosphere, emphasizing their consumers throughout the day. Those consumers consist of families and older golf enthusiasts in the daytime hours, followed by a younger crowd in the evenings.

We instituted an upbeat mix of modern and nostalgic hits to keep with the brand’s energy while adding a sense of comfort.  Further, we created multiple day parts to cater to each demographic, starting the music curation off with an easier vibe in the morning and afternoon and slowly converting to an edgier but more relevant Top 40 theme. We also modified the programming for certain sites by making slight adjustments, tailoring their programming to the specific regional market.

Topgolf has shown their appreciation for their Custom Music Programming through many forms of “thank you” correspondence from multiple higher ups. The partnership gets even stronger with the opening of each new location.

We continue to focus on their Music Programming needs and provide the proper musical theme for their space. We recognize that each venue may have different business hours, special events or demographics and we are flexible with the Music Program for each location. We tremendously value our relationship with Topgolf as they continue to grow on a worldwide scale!