April 5, 2011Step into Pure Blu Spa Music

Pure Blu Spa invites guests of the beautiful Marriott Newport Beach Hotel & Spa and OC locals alike to bask in the total serenity of this Southern California spa experience. Warm, neutral wood tones, stone floors, colorful tiles and soothing spa music customized by Prescriptive Music combine to gently ease spa-goers into a tranquil state of mind. Along with a variety of massages and full body treatments, Pure Blu features a salon offering services for hair, makeup and nails, along with a menu of basic and individualized wellness programs. Exfoliating full body treatments, hot stone massages and luxurious facials are all performed using luscious fruits, fragrant oils, and natural minerals and exfoliates.

The musical vibe at Pure Blu sets the ultimate tone for deep relaxation and peace of mind with flowing, ambient sounds of light strings, piano and softly echoing flutes. This light, worldly music joins luxurious treatments from certified professionals to create an environment that will make clients feel they are leaving the universe and drifting away into a Pure Blu abyss. Choose Prescriptive Music to customize the perfect music at your spa!