March 23, 2011A Day at the Spa at Oak Haven

Situated in a log cabin resort at the foothills of the beautiful Smoky Mountains in Sevierville, Tennessee sits the Spa at Oak Haven, a rejuvenating day spa retreat. Offering sumptuous services from full body massages to skin and salon care, and even seasonal treatments like the chocolate peppermint pedicure, the Spa at Oak Haven is sure to relax, refresh and revamp. Anyone who has indulged themselves with a day at the spa knows that music plays a big part of the experience; the right sounds can enhance a massage while loud or sudden noises in the music can interrupt and possibly ruin the spa-goers’ relaxation altogether. Thankfully, the Spa at Oak Haven selected Prescriptive Music to custom program the music in their spa and reception area, so you can expect nothing but the best spa music at Oak Haven.

Cool lounge and acid jazz tunes greet guests visiting the spa as they enter the lobby and mentally prepare themselves for their treatment. The vibe is invigorating but smooth, immediately easing spa-goers into a peaceful state of mind. The musical vibe in the treatment rooms is even more relaxing, blending ambient tones of light strings, flutes, and piano with the natural sounds of crickets, birds, and rain. Whatever treatment you choose, the slow, soothing spa music will lure you into a clear, calm state of body and mind. Surrender to your stress and treat yourself at the Spa at Oak Haven today!