September 20, 2011Spa Anjali’s new energizing music @ The Westin Riverfront in Colorado


Spa Anjali at the Westin Riverfront Resort partnered with Prescriptive Music to take you on three musically, visionary and spiritual spa journeys. The first Himalayan quest is Indian inspired, consisting of yoga musicians and authentic Indian music. Chants and hymns from Adham Shaikh, MC Yogi, Prem Joshua and Tumbara will slowly sooth you into complete balanced body, mind and spirit relaxation.Known for its distinctive sound in courtship, healing, meditation and spiritual rituals, the Native American traditional tribal flute can be heard alongside New Age music in the Rocky Mountain spa. The playlist is inspired by the very natural sounds of waterfall s being carried down a cold river’s path, rustling autumn leaves in high trees, soft lightning thunder storms and animal sounds. For soothing classical overlays with nature sounds, the Alpine spa marks the playlist for relaxing European classical music. Pitch, speed, meter and individual rhythms from the piano, string, woodwind, brass and percussion families are mixed with the Alps mountain nature sound recordings to take you to a far, distant and calm place. Awaken the natural sooth spirit at Spa Anjali and be swept away by one of Prescriptive Music’s restoring and energizing sanctuary playlists.