September 14, 2011RockSugar’s Amazing Decor, Great Food and Superb Custom Music by Prescriptive Music

RockSugar, a trendy pan-Asian restaurant kitchen located on Santa Monica is thriving high off its music ratings and review buzz thanks to Prescriptive Music and its huge, open almost-Vegas feeling space. From the sky-gazing temple entrance doors to its dark foyer Buddhist-themed décor and design, the large bar and patio lounge overlooks its Westfield Century City mall view. Grand columns, textured curtains, beautiful fireplaces and cushion-pillowed seating are all featured in this 7,000+ square foot Cheesecake Factory sister-owned dining spot.

Customized to perfection, Prescriptive Music set RockSugar’s ambiance with its Asian lounge daytime playlist, consisting of lounge music with Japanese, Chinese and Indian instrumentals. The calm, peaceful notes set the unique themed surrounding space, while the nighttime playlist evoked a more powerful emotional and sensual feel. Asian and European lounge along with contemporary indie rock and electro genres, featured artists like Ra Ra Riot, Koop, Goldfrapp and Royksopp to enhance the new age take on Asian culture.

The family-styled menu created by New York-trained and Singapore born and raised executive chef, Mohan Ismail specializes in Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian and Singapore dishes. The rich, exotic flavors and Southeast Asian cooking techniques creates mouth-watering, perfectly seasoned and flavorful cuisines. Showcasing Chef Mohan’s signature plates are the Indian Stuffed Flatbread, Indonesia Grilled Cilantro Shrimp and Singapore Black Pepper Filet.

Seated indoors or outdoors, the stone paved pathway and dim paper lantern LED lighting set the perfect place away from home vibe. Mood and ambiance are tied together in a giant silky, red bow. Amazing décor, great food and a superb Prescriptive Music playlist mix makes RockSugar the hotspot place to dine at.