September 29, 2011Fresh Quality and Ambiance With California Shabu-Shabu

If fresh and savory is your taste, California Shabu-Shabu will definitely fulfill your hungry appetite with quality and mastered ambient service by Prescriptive Music. With the Santa Monica grand opening just about up and running in less than two weeks and current locations in Fountain Valley and Costa Mesa, California Shabu-Shabu is the very first restaurant of its interactive kind to open in Orange County.

Focusing on healthy food that tastes great, California Shabu-Shabu features delicately sliced fresh meats, seafood, tofu, noodle, vegetables and a variety of dipping sauces. At Shabu-Shabu, you have the pleasure of experiencing the interactive role of head chef, cooking your own food at your own pace alongside a pot of boiling water, pressed garlic and green onions.

For a friendly and comfortable dining atmosphere, every customer is treated as a guest of honor in Shabu-Shabu’s home. Walking away more happy and satisfied by the celebrated employed personal touch received the very moment you step through the entrance doors.

Prescriptive Music customized two playlists to feature a variety of up tempo, upbeat artists from Ce Lo Green, Fiest, Chromeo, Phoenix, Lady Gaga, The Cure and Temper Traps. The fun electronic, new wave, indie, R&B and hip hop tracks reflect the fresh quality and ambiance known as California Shabu-Shabu.