December 8, 2010Kelly’s Spa at the Mission Inn Hotel, releases new CD

The Mission Inn Hotel in Riverside, California is home to Kelly’s Spa, a one-stop wellness center for hotel guests founded by the hotel’s owner, Kelly Roberts. The spa offers everything from full body treatments to skin care to nails, and most recently, a collection of fitness programs intended to complement the relaxing spa experience with exhilarating physical activity. Roberts entrusted Prescriptive Music to build a CD that could be used during the practice of these activities and purchased by its practitioners.

The spa provides a personal fitness training program along with Yoga and Pilates classes, which are both also available as private sessions. The ambient CD is played primarily during the Yoga sessions and is meant to enhance the spa experience, allowing the body and mind to be completely open and relaxed. Soft echoing pianos, light flutes and swelling strings provide a soothing yet enlightening musical atmosphere for hotel guests to complete their treatment at the spa with rejuvenating movement. If you are ever traveling through Riverside, be sure to stay at the Mission Inn Hotel and stop by Kelly’s Spa for a refreshing and restorative experience paired with a CD of calming, meditative songs that will lead you to the ultimate state of relaxation.