December 2, 2010The Sounds of Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill

When thinking about great barbecue in the US, the first places that come to mind are usually North Carolina, Texas, or Memphis. While Southern California is certainly well-known for its expansive variety of cuisine from all corners of the world, barbecue has never really been a great option. But now, thanks to Eric Anders and Ofer Shemtov’s unique two-step cooking process at Wood Ranch (which now has 13 locations in SoCal), Southern California can give the rest of the southern US a run for its money.

Wood Ranch is a self-described “premium-casual” BBQ and grill with moderately-priced, award-winning menu items, a warm and comfortable atmosphere, and an inviting and attentive service staff. Anders and Shemtov enlisted the help of Prescriptive Music to provide background music that would set the perfect tone for their restaurant and help design a memorable image and sound for their brand.

Wood Ranch’s décor features slate flooring paired with warm wood tones and large comfortable booths and tables for families and diners of all ages to sit and enjoy what many critics are calling “Southern California’s best BBQ”. The menu naturally specializes in traditional BBQ like Babyback pork ribs, Angus beef steaks and burgers, but it also features fish, chicken, and pasta dishes, salads, and desserts, all made from scratch. Just as the menu has a little something for everyone, the musical atmosphere provides a diverse mix of light classic rock and adult contemporary, modern mainstream hits, indie rock, and contemporary country. While it was important to include plenty of recognizable songs from the likes of U2 and Coldplay, the programmers at Prescriptive Music proceeded with the knowledge that Wood Ranch is also striving to appeal to a younger, more modern crowd. With that information in mind, the programmers included R&B from artists like Alicia Keys and Ne-Yo, indie rock artists like Passion Pit and the Shins, and a little bit of radio rap and hip-hop from artists such as Taio Cruz and the Black Eyed Peas.

It was important for both the Wood Ranch and Prescriptive Music that the musical vibe spoke to and complemented the vibe of the restaurant itself. The atmosphere at Wood Ranch is high-energy yet comfortable and familiar, and the upbeat, recognizable background music successfully enhances that feel. Stop in to Wood Ranch today for some homemade BBQ, friendly service, and great music!