November 11, 2011Thank You for a successful 2011 Ispa Show

November marks the return of the International Spa Association’s Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Prescriptive Music, among others attended the trade show event to gain more knowledge about the spa industry’s latest products, trends and rising businesses. With this year’s ISPA “believe” theme, Prescriptive left in confidence with a more competitive edge in the hospitality strategy, customer service, leadership and management marketplace.

Pulling out all the stops for a bigger, better and more successful year than the last, Prescriptive Music took full advantage of its Mandalay Bay exhibit booth, featuring a completely scaled color and sound backdrop to compliment the Legato Spa Music Collection. Legato consists of four soothing mind, body and spirit private label cds. With energy, wisdom, essence and urban, Legato is the only music collection that gives listeners a full relaxing spa experience and ease.

IMG_3655 IMG_3661



Also hosting the VIBE Music Collection, Prescriptive Music showcased a variety of services provided by its music experts. Prescriptive Music would like to thank ISPA for another great year full of knowledge, experience, growth and newly made clientele relations. As one of the nation’s leading music branding and consulting companies, Prescriptive Music hopes to connect your brand closer to your consumers.