April 6, 2012San Fernando Valley Business Journal – “Prescriptive Music had a 40% increase in revenues in 2011”

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Prescriptive Music, a Woodland Hills-based music branding firm, announced a 40 percent growth in sales over the past year, marking three consecutive years of growth.

Since 1999, the company has provided music programming services for restaurants, retailers and hotels.

Over the past year, the company’s roster of clients has grown exponentially to include hotels and restaurants in China, Macau, The Maldives, Ireland and The United Arab Emirates.

The company’s restaurant business, which includes big-name clients such as The Cheesecake Factory and Umami Burger, has been its largest growth sector, accounting for about 30 percent of its business over the past year.

“As the hospitality industry continues its strong rebound, we have seen a surge in client growth, companies wanting to differentiate themselves from their competitors by using innovative music branding,” said Allen Klevens, founder and chief operating officer of Prescriptive Music, in a prepared statement.

by Angela Melero