February 29, 2012Prescriptive Music Announces 40 Percent Growth Surge Over Past 12 Months

Nation’s fastest growing music branding firm adds hundreds of leading hotels, restaurants and retail clients; its music heard by 4.7 million people daily.

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Prescriptive Music, the nation’s fastest growing music sensory branding firm, today announced a 40 percent growth in sales over the past year, marking three consecutive years of rapid growth. The company added hundreds of new clients from leading national and international hotel, restaurant and retail brands.  Its innovative music programs reached the ears of 4.7 million people daily across the globe.

Prescriptive Music increased its worldwide footprint through expansion to China, Macau, The Maldives, United Arab Emirates and Ireland.  Key new clients include: The Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai; One&Only’s The Palm Dubai; Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi; sbe Entertainment Group in Los Angeles; Umami Burger, the innovative Los Angeles-based burger chain expanding nationwide; and Giggle, the stylish baby store chain found in some of the nation’s trendiest neighborhoods.

“Much of our growth is attributed to our unique offering of customized music programming and individual white glove service for clients, whether they are one of the world’s leading hotels or a local independent restaurant,” said Allen Klevens, founder and chief operating officer, Prescriptive Music.  “As the hospitality industry continues its strong rebound, we have seen a surge in client growth, companies wanting to differentiate themselves from their competitors by using innovative music branding.”

Restaurants have been the company’s largest growth area, accounting for one-third of Prescriptive Music’s business in the past year.  One of the company’s largest restaurant clients is Cheesecake Factory, the nationwide restaurant chain.  Prescriptive Music began working with Cheesecake Factory to revamp their music program and create an inviting, laidback and eclectic vibe.

“We worked closely with Prescriptive Music to create a music vibe that matches our restaurants’ inviting atmosphere for guests of all ages,” said David Overton, chief executive officer, The Cheesecake Factory.  “Our carefully chosen playlists are an essential part of delivering an experience that reaches all five of our guests’ senses and makes them feel at home.”

Launched in 1999, Prescriptive Music has carved out a music sensory branding niche within the hospitality industry of offering customized music programming, private label CDs and additional audio services.  The customized music programs are all controlled virtually at Prescriptive Music’s headquarters, but can be viewed by clients through an online portal.  Different playlists can be created for different areas of a business and can change throughout the day to reflect the crowd and desired vibe.  Each client works closely with one of Prescriptive Music’s expert music programmers for consultation and to easily make adjustments to the playlists at any time.