July 31, 2014RX Music At Prison Break Race

RX Music At Prison Break Race

RX Music has been busy on the outdoor,  race circuit this summer and Prison Break was the second of (hopefully) many races that RX Music had participants.  Here’s what our valiant contenders had to say about it….oh, and check out their pictures below.

Artem: “This race taught me that I CAN outrun the cops.”

John: “Swimming through a river was very refreshing, breaking out of prison has never been so much fun!”

Roman: “My clothes are all ruined!!…so when’s the next race?”“This race taught me that I cannot outrun the cops. L”

Richmond: “In the immortal words of Greased-Up Deaf Guy: You’re never gonna catch me! You’re wasting your time. Forget about it. Go Do something else!….See ya’ll next year!”

Evgeniy: “The manhunt part was extremely simple and a lot of fun – hills, obstacles, rivers, mud, dirt, thirst, blood, cops and a giraffe. The prison break part was much, much harder… The cell gates opened by themselves.”

Carly: “This course was really fun, I liked all the shady areas and water sections! It felt good to cool down.”

Antony: “One of the most fun events this summer…  fast guards was a nice touch!  Lost all my flags and had to take a dip in the mud pit J.“

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