February 11, 2011Music at Fit Studio

Master trainer, fitness director and owner Sandy McEnroe’s mantra, “get fit… stay fit!” is not only a personal motto, but also an attitude encouraged in clients and a sentiment expressed by the entire staff at Fit Studio. With fitness experts ranging in certifications from personal trainer to pilates instructor to registered dietitian, Fit Studio has become a one-stop spot for health and fitness in Danville, California. Prescriptive Music has been extremely successful in providing the perfect background music in spas and fitness centers, so they were happy to continue demonstrating their success in this area by programming the ultimate vibe for Fit Studio. With years of experience training in the Danville area, McEnroe built a team of similarly certified employees to create a unique center built by trainers, for trainers. Of course anyone trying to get in shape and stay fit is encouraged to visit Fit Studio, but this center gives outside trainers the opportunity to train their clients using Fit’s high quality, state-of-the-art workout equipment. Fit offers something for everyone trying to achieve fitness goals, whether it be personal or group training, specialized sports training, pilates, or helpful input from a certified dietitian to get you eating right and making healthy choices. With such an array of programs and a client age range of 20s to 60s, it was important for the programmers at Prescriptive Music to create a musical vibe that would speak to everyone in their individual journeys to fitness. The morning playlist sets a comfortable tone with light, mid-tempo adult contemporary from artists like Coldplay, Sara Bareilles and Jason Mraz. As the day goes on and workouts get more intense, the playlist adds artists like Santana, U2, and more up-tempo rock and classic rock from the 1970s onward along with more adult contemporary and a sprinkle of indie hits from artists like MGMT and Feist.

Good background music in fitness centers should complement the workout and encourage the client, not overpower or underwhelm them with music that is too loud or slow. Prescriptive Music programmed a vibe at Fit Studio that allows for clients to feel simultaneously focused, invigorated and motivated while they work out. To get great, customized background music for your spa or fitness center, contact Prescriptive Music today!