May 13, 2011Lust, BBQ and Rock & Roll

What says America more than an order of BBQ, a pitcher of beer and a pretty lady by your side? Prescriptive Music has partnered with Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke, the embodiment of American food, music and lifestyle. To elevate Bone Daddy’s to another level, Prescriptive Music has concocted a dry rub of classic and modern rock with a twist of soul and blues. You can rock out to the sounds of The Black Keys, Fleetwood Mac, Cee-lo Green, Aretha Franklin and BB King while enjoying a serving of succulent brisket.

In this joint BBQ is a religion. Ribs are offered in two styles: baby back and spare ribs. The baby backs are slow-smoked, caressed with a sweet honeysuckle sauce, then served with cinnamon apples, skillet-head beans and a warm, buttered cheese roll. On the other hand, the spare ribs are seared, dry rubbed to perfection, laced with sauce & smoked twice, then served with two choices of sides and a warm, buttery cheese roll. Who could choose between the two?

An added draw for V.I.P members is, as Daddy puts it himself, “some extra loving from daddy’s girls”. While your plate of pulled pork, hotlinks and sweet cream’d corn have just arrived, you’ve been thoroughly occupied chatting with Cassie, Emily or Jordana.

With four locations spanning across the lone-star state: Arlington, Dallas, Austin and Grapevine, Texans can get there BBQ fix at a great price. The potions are enough to feed a small army so bring your appetite and your imagination because in the land of BBQ the sky’s the limit. Don’t plan on leaving Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke with your hands clean.