May 13, 2011Lemonade and Prescriptive Music?

Lemonade has teamed up with Prescriptive Music to transport patrons back to their high school cafeteria, except instead of avoiding the sloppy joe and soggy day old fries, customers can enjoy a convenient and satisfying meal without worrying when their next class begins. Serving a wide assortment of items from cupcakes to seared ahi tuna, affordable prices welcome “students”. Prices range from $1 red velvet cupcakes, $4 for a scoop of Champagne vinaigrette sweet potato fries and pistachio begula lentils and $10 for Mario’s pulled pork sandwich.

The school’s music department, Prescriptive Music, have designed a playlist that students from the 60s to today can identify with. While the meal mostly consists of indie rock artists, such as The Black Keys and Tegan and Sara, singers like David Bowie add a dash of classic rock to the dish. Similar to a warm slice of chocolate fudge cake, modern soul singers such as Alicia Keys and Adele leave students satisfied and ready to tackle the rest of the day.

Grab a quick bite to eat or stay for a meal and enjoy a myriad of music, flavors and a tall glass of Lemonade