November 4, 2009Enjoy the music at the Newly Opened Drago Centro in Downtown L.A.

The much anticipated Drago Centro has opened in downtown Los Angeles. Drago Centro is the new luxury dining Italian restaurant.

The design, developed by Stanley Felderman, of Felderman Keatinge + Associates in Collaboration with Celestino Drago, incorporates the rich experience of Celestino’s Italy into the modern urban setting of downtown Los Angeles.  The space was inspired by the urban design of the Rialto Bridge and adjacent market place in Venice and the colors were inspired by the artists, Giorgio de Chirico and Giorgio Morandi.

Prescriptive Music worked very closely with the entire Drago group to develop and maintain a musical background that encompasses all of the fine features of the restaurant.  With fine wine, fine food and excellent service, Prescriptive Music has once again added a fantastic client to their growing list.

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