June 6, 2011Does your music blow?

What music are you playing at your Salon or Blow Bar?  Does it make you and your clients sleepy?  bored? crazy?   All of these issues can be resolved by contacting us now.  Prescriptive Music has been successfully creating the perfect VIBE for your Salons and Blow Bars for over 10 years.  We  create specific styles of music for you and your clients by the week, day, hour or even down to the minute.

We want to make sure that your staff as well as your guests get the best music along with their best cut!

(Written by Linda Palacios)

Music can really set the mood, and that’s why PUMP Salon takes pride in their music choices. As the name suggests, the salon’s stylists can pump up your style, and they get their customers pumped up because of their music selections.

Unlike a salon and spa that offers more calming, serene music, PUMP does not have a spa side of the business. “Because it’s just cut and color, we do the more funky things, so the music just goes with our work,” Director Sylist Nicholena Thompson says. Even the pumped up music customers hear if they’re on hold on the phone reflects PUMP’s style.

PUMP stylists view music as important in a salon because of the effects the sound has on the atmosphere. “If there’s a good song on, you definitely will be excited about that haircut,” Thompson says. “It just keeps you in a good mood. It just keeps a good energy base, more like a fashion show effect.”

Ranging from indie rock and remixes to some top 40 songs, PUMP’s music plays at a medium to loud volume so that the music is incorporated into the salon experience instead of playing as background music. “Friday night we crank it up louder. It’s just fun,” Thompson says.

Customers seem to like the change in tempo, and many customers come to the salon because of the music. Their musical decisions do not limit their customer demographic, as customers range from 15 year olds to the elderly. In fact, one of their favorite customers in the latter age range has to use a walker, but she comes in religiously. “She rocks it out. It’s funny,” Thompson says. “But she’s there every week getting a shampoo and blow dry.”

While the music might draw customers and keep up the morale of the salon, customers continue to come back to the salon because of the experienced and talented staff. “We’re up on the latest trends,” Thompson says. “Our education is amazing.”