We find the right music to create

deeper sensory experiences

for experience-driven brands and spaces

What we
do for you

Bring the right music
to your business.
From developing signature sound profile to curating distinctive music, we create bespoke playlists that reflect your brand's unique DNA and resonate with your different audiences.

Essential serviceMusic

  • In-store & on-hold audio messagingIn-store & on-hold audio messaging

  • Music sourcing & licensingMusic sourcing & licensing

  • Music scheduling & daypartingMusic scheduling & dayparting

  • Music curation & programmingMusic curation & programming

  • Music strategy & standardizationMusic strategy & standardization

Supporting serviceMulti-sensory

  • System setup & integrationSystem setup & integration

  • Scent curation & implementationScent curation & implementation

  • Digital signage & interactive displayDigital signage & interactive display

  • Video visual curation & programmingVideo visual curation & programming

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Why we
do what we do

More than a feeling The profound effects of music are beginning to be understood scientifically. Countless studies have demonstrated that music can arouse senses, alter moods, sway hearts, and change minds. According to neuroscience, emotion plays the most essential role in decision-making.

Turn up the heart With a mission to elevate the human experience, we help clients filter through noises in the competitive global marketplace, and distill the right music to touch the heart of their audience.

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How we
do it right

Methodologically attuned We bring observation, intelligence, intuition and sensitivity into music strategy and curation. Each bespoke program is continually fine-tuned to mutable nuances of the brand, audience, culture, space, and time of day.

Logistically sound From licensing, programming, granular configuration to at-scale delivery, we manage and streamline administrative and technical logistics. Plus, 24/7 technical support to keep the right music play uninterrupted, day in day out, anywhere in the world.

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Music sommeliers for experiential brands