How can I get the licenses for playing music in a business? 

First, you need to be aware of the performance rights organizations (PROs) in which artists, songwriters, musicians and publishers are enrolled. There are three main PROs in the U.S. - ASCAP, BMI, GMR and one in Canada - SOCAN. Should you choose to purchase your own license from only one PRO, for example, that license permits you to use copyrighted music represented by that PRO only, but not the others. It’s important to know that many songs have more than one songwriter, composer, and publisher. In many cases, they belong to a different performing rights organization. Therefore, obtaining a blanket license with each PRO to cover all of your tracks is recommended. Obtaining these licenses can often be expensive and generating and submitting monthly reports can be a lengthy, tedious process. The best (and easiest) course of action would be using a company that these licensing fees on your behalf, like RX Music!