October 19, 2012Why Your Massage Business Needs Customized Music

No matter what time you’ve decided to read this article, chances are, you’ve already listened to music today. Maybe you got dressed and ready for your day while listening to tracks from your iPod, or maybe you listened to music on the way to work. Whatever the case, we hear music on a day-to-day basis, and it has proven to be an important part of everyday life—as well as a powerful way to communicate with others.

Music is an element that contributes to the customer experience, one that has grown to be a highly effective tool for massage practices and spas. From the time clients enter your place of business, it’s important to create a unique, relaxing experience and one that leaves an impression to set you apart from other therapists.

By having your music designed specifically for your massage practice or spa’s personal needs and clientele, you not only avoid ugly legal fees, but you also have the opportunity to create an incredible experience for your client, one that embodies your vision for your business.

Tailored music for your massage business has a variety of benefits.

Connect with your client

It turns out music is more important to your business than you may think. Studies have shown that people rank music more difficult to live without than TV, newspapers and sports. As a society, we have created a special relationship with music that is integrated into our everyday lives and, ultimately, affects our mood. When clients enter your business, it is important for them to feel connected to your brand.

Good music makes your business a place where your clients want to stay awhile and keep coming back.

Avoid legal fees

You have plenty of great music for your massage sessions, music that will work perfectly for your next 60-minute massage. But before you press play, you have to buy the rights. Now more than ever, record labels are vigilant about enforcing licensing

agreements. Legal fees will set you back time and money, two assets no business owner wants to sacrifice.

Give your massage business an identity

As massage therapists, you know sensory elements are important for creating a certain experience for your clients. Music is a powerful tool for translating your message into a memorable experience for your client. The idea is to create a custom soundscape by analyzing your practice’s target market and theme location. Because the soundtracks are specifically tailored to individual practices, massage business owners are able to provide music that combines each element of the massage in harmony and truly resonates with the client.

For example, the One&Only Spa at the Palmilla Hotel in Los Cabos, Mexico, is known for being luxurious and relaxing. The spa takes its music choices seriously, and the vibe complements the natural setting. It takes both the excitement and tranquility of the resort by blending global accents that reflect different aspects of the resort. The spa features a collection of New Age tracks, relaxing water and desert sounds, a Latin spa blend, soothing nature sounds and calming classical music.This vibe enhances the mystical and relaxing atmosphere of the spa.

Some businesses overlook or don’t give enough attention to music, but the little details are what will differentiate you from other massage therapists. Music is powerful and is an essential component in your clients’ massage experience. More massage therapists today are realizing how important music selection is in helping their businesses grow.

Allen Klevens is founder of Prescriptive Music, the nation’s fastest-growing music sensory branding firm. The company creates carefully planned, customized “music vibe” programs that help spas differentiate themselves, elevate the customer experience and ultimately drive sales. For more information, visit www.prescriptivemusic.com.