August 5, 2011Zislis’s The Strand House Takes Contemporary Dining to a New Level

The Strand House, a new Manhattan Beach restaurant by the Zislis Group, ran by Michael and David Zislis, opens August 11 with a sophisticated menu, relaxing setting, and world-class dining experience.The Zislis Group calls the space”elegant and dramatic” and the tone “welcoming and casual,” both of which will be enhanced by Prescriptive Music’s playlists.

The Strand House elevates fine dining with a contemporary menu and modern setting. The beachfront property features a glass facade that overlooks the beach, with doors that can open to create a semi-outdoor dining area. The four story building also features a wine cellar. The Strand House will cater a relaxing yet sophisticated and hip dining experience for its clientele.

The music at The Strand House reflects that same causal yet dramatic vibe. The playlists feature indiepop like Fleet Foxes, Broken Bells, and Foster the People, with sprinklings of adult contemporary like Ben Harper, Coldplay, and Dave Matthews Band. The midtempo music acts as the perfect background playlist to underscore a unique and exquisite dining experience. After the House Warming Party on August 9, The Strand House will be open for walk-ins on August 11, and will begin taking reservations on September 1.

Chef Neal Fraser is designing and consulting the menu, and will be working with Executive Chef Travis Lorton and Pastry Chef Seth Caro. The menu features luxurious and “colorful” spins on classic dishes.

Chef Travis Lorton (L) and Chef Neal Fraser (R)

For dinner, start with The Strand House Salad  which features spicy salami, arugula, radicchio, fingerling potatoes, haricot vert, radish, sun gold tomatoes, poached egg, cotija, asparagus, red onion, and a yogurt dressing, or share the artisan charcuterie plate. Then try the Wild King Salmon with roasted shiitake mushrooms, ginger vinaigrette, and sesame seeds, and finish with a Rhubarb Bubble Tea served with boysenberry caviar and frozen cheesecake for desert.