February 22, 2011Welcome to Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai – China

Constructed in 1907 San Francisco, the first ever Fairmont Hotel still stands today as an architecturally unique structure built to express the culture and history of the surrounding city while also being influenced by the community; in this case the hotel was literally envisioned by natives of San Francisco. With consistently high standards of engaging service, impeccable architecture and décor, dedication to the environment, and what Fairmont Hotels has coined “authentically local” expressions of each destination across the board, Fairmont Hotel has become not just a place to stay, but rather a historic destination for travelers, businesspeople and locals alike. Now North America’s largest hotel group, Fairmont has expanded internationally to Canada, Mexico, the UK, Europe, the United Arab Emirates and now Asia.  Not surprisingly, Prescriptive Music felt truly honored to have a hand in further developing the legendary Fairmont Hotel brand by programming the background music vibe at Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai, China.

Situated on the edge of the Huangpu River in Shanghai, the Fairmont Peace Hotel is a restored version of what in the 1930s was a chic, bustling hotspot for Shanghai elite and worldwide celebrities alike to celebrate their fame and fortune by sipping on fine cocktails and enjoying classic Jazz at private clubs. More than eighty years later, Fairmont Peace remains an elegant hub for lavish celebrations, rejuvenating spa treatments, international business, exquisite dining, and it is still considered the ultimate destination for Jazz in China. Guests and visitors alike can get a taste of 1930s opulence at Fairmont Peace’s Jazz Bar, where the staff serves small plates and roaring ‘20s- and ‘30s-inspired cocktails – and will even remember your order to personalize your experience if you are a regular client – accompanied by a refined Jazz playlist from pre-revolutionary greats like Cab Calloway and Billie Holiday. In the Jazz Bar’s heyday, Chinese jazz musicians would write Chinese lyrics for jazz standards and jazz up traditional Chinese songs to perform them for its sophisticated patrons. Today, members of the Old Jazz Band still perform at the Fairmont Peace, often followed by an up-and-coming jazz musician named Theo Croker, who is popularly believed to be a rising star in modern Jazz. This long lineage of tradition is a testament to the Fairmont’s rich culture and history.

Dragon Phoenix is the Fairmont Peace’s renowned Chinese restaurant, serving the finest in authentic Shanghainese and Cantonese cuisine. Sample a high quality, traditionally prepared menu of hot and cold appetizers, seafood dishes, and classic Chinese dim sum in an elegant, colorful atmosphere with a background musical vibe also illustrating China’s rich history using traditional instruments in captivating, modern compositions that emit a feeling of peace and positive energy as guests enjoy their feasts. The Fairmont Peace also boasts several casual lounge areas: Cin Cin, the Jasmine Lounge, the Cathay Room, and Victor’s. French classical vocals and homemade chocolate confections seduce clients in Victor’s, a French café, deli and pastry shop while romantic, acoustic instrumental European grooves enhance a menu of classic European indulgences, a vast wine selection, and a balcony view of the Bund at the Cathay Room. The Jasmine Lounge serves customary high tea during the day and extraordinary cocktails at night and Cin Cin offers a view of the bold and ornate lobby of Fairmont Peace while guests enjoy subtle background vibes of cool, modern beats and a seat in the chic cigar lounge, wine cellar or cocktail bar.

Fairmont Hotel’s success is evident and only making them hungry for more; in fact, Fairmont has set an ambitious goal to be the unrivalled global leader in luxury destination hotels, and their worldwide appeal seems to make this a very reachable objective. Fairmont Hotels are literally making the world a better place not only by offering exquisite service, an immaculate presence at every location, and authentic experiences of history and lore with every visit, but also by founding the Green Partnership Program, which works to innovate environmentally-friendly solutions for waste management, sustainability, and water and energy reduction, and remains a core value of the company. Prescriptive Music is extremely proud to contribute to the success of such an esteemed hotel chain and hopes to continue working with Fairmont Hotels in their future global endeavors. In the meantime if you are visiting Shanghai and want a genuine experience of the food, culture and history of this ancient city, Fairmont Peace is the best place to stay.