June 10, 2009Vibe at the Sands Casino – Bethlehem

The Sands Bethlehem Casino is the new child in the worlds most famous family or casinos and resorts. The main casino floor is always the centre of any casino and here is no exception. The music has to be up-tempo recognizable and fun to entertain all the guests all day and all night. The Sands Bethlehem introduces Emeril’s Chop House which is Emeril Lagasse’s first and only restaurant in the Northeast which provides a more sophisticated dining experience which is matched by the modern but light jazz. Also The St James Gate is a traditional Irish pub. The music has to match this location and is a fun mix of contemporary and traditional Irish music overall the demands on music for any casino are high but with the wide array of locations within the complex The Sands Bethlehem has a wide array of styles and needs that we believe we have met head on.